Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It is a GOOD GOOD day!

Well, it's about time. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has finally issued a recall on the Infantino Sling Rider. This is the single worst carrier on the market and there are a LOT of bad carriers sitting on the shelves at Walmart, Target, and Babies R Us. Moms in the babywearing community have been asking for this recall for years since the first reports of babies suffocating in them started to surface. It is unfortunate that Infantino ignored the letters from me and hundreds of fellow babywearing mamas begging them to voluntarily recall this sling ages ago. There are several babies who would still be alive today if they had done so. I pray that those mamas find peace and that Infantino steps up to make things right with those families, although nothing will ever make up for their loss. Judging from their track record, it will take families suing the pants off Infantino to see any action though. Because of this, my personal boycott of all Infantino products continues. I will never give my money to a company who refused to pull a baby product off the shelves that killed babies when used correctly according to the manufactures directions. I am not asking anyone to join me but if you wish to, there are plenty of alternatives to Infantino products. My next blog post will be an ANTI-Infantino buying guide.
Infantino's response to the recall. Thanks but this is too little, too late. What free product will they give the families whose babies died while they dragged their feet avoiding a voluntary recall?

There is great info on how to properly wear your baby. Look at these links for help.!/BabywearingSafety?v=wall&ref=ts